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Mohini - TV AV

(Below is the final work)

Well, this is one of my greatest project yet, which in total took me around 4 months to finish.

I got a lot of things to learn during the duration of this project. This project was recommended by my friend Parimal.

And there I got connected to Kanika Maheshwari Production House.

They Hired me to Make a Pitch Bible AV (Audio & Visual) for an Upcoming Show Mohini.

I was handed over with a Voice over and a Script.

I drew few rough mood visuals. (Swipe Image below to see more)

Later after these were Approved by Director Shailendra Vyas. I started on the digital paintings and starting shot which was purely 3D Rendered.

Below is the comparison of both look of the intro (Pre | Post)

I worked over months to finish each scene.

Many changes, Many Renders over (120+Minutes per Frame), Many Explorations.

Finally Completed Everything in 4 Months.

Below are Stills from Each Scene.

This project was solely made by me. Director Shailendra Vyas and Producer Kanika Maheshwari helped me alot and guided me to make the best out of it.

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