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  • Sanimator Bhat

Smile of An Ape

With an aim to practice digital painting, I spent time online in finding a challenging subject/ theme to make.

There I found this image.

This smile of an Ape, inspired yet challenged me to give this a definite hit.

So I started on focusing and noticing the import and complex shaded regions.

There I noticed something like, One nostril is smaller than the other, and even the smile is biased and the wrinkles in the upper lip region.

After jotting the important features, I started making the outline for the same.

Later steps are just illustrated best below in a form of Slide Show (Click on the < > below).

I added color on the painting.

And finally here is the comparison between Original and Digital Art.

Later for My further explorations added certain lighting and color overriding the original art.