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  • Sanimator Bhat



My Debut Directorial Film.

This film has a story behind it. I made this film in a team of 5 Artists, where I directed, animated, supervised and did CG in it.

When I got admission in Whistling Wood International (WWI) for BSc. in Animation FilmMaking. There I already had some knowledge about 3D world due to 2 year Advanced Diploma from MAAC.

So in first semester, our faculty at WWI taught us 3D modelling and gave us a group assignment to make a 3D Home Walk through. I decided to make a hit at this opportunity, by rather than making a simple walk through, but a Short film with a Story behind it.

I was assigned with a group of best candidates from the batch. Due to their dedication and perseverance, this film was made within 2 weeks, with little or no experienced workforce.

I managed any project like this for the first time, as I didn't have either experience (being just started the career in Direction). Which was so nurturing for me, just like every project, Some people who were slow but perfectionists and some people who were steady and fast. I managed every crew like that. Assigned them with various tasks, prepared charts to manage and organise the pipeline.

Dnyaneshwari was one of the Key people in this project. She helped me organise and manage more in the project. This was my first project with her. The Key stage she became most helpful was at Rendering stage. As everyone left college after college hours, we took most systems from lab and allotted specific frame range to each system. To be honest, this was one of great challenge to keep a proper track of frames rendered or rendering and skipped frames.

Me and Dnyaneshwari kept track of renders.

Madhusudan is also one of the Key People in this people. I didn't realised he is so good at sound and music. So I handed him entire Sound and Music Department, and gave him time to finish it. And before expected deadline he delivered me the Final Sound and Music. I was surprised by how he used sound and music to exaggerate the Emotions.

So overall this film is close to me.

Improvement from my end which can be made is Storytelling. I realized this film doesn't conveyed the story properly. Which I learned and kept in mind in my later projects.